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why you?

Why you? Because you really matter, and because it's your birthright to be happy. It's as simple as that.


I'm sure you lead a busy life and like all of us, have been conditioned from childhood to cope with pressure, accept increasing responsibility and constantly raise your game ... regardless of your upbringing, gender, background, sexual preferences, ethnicity or spiritual values.


But however you spend your days, you may often find that you put others' needs before your own, or fall into  judgment or frustration. And at times it's unbearable, so you pretend, or numb out, or distract yourself ... with busyness, social media, work, drinking, making endless lists, eating, sex, online shopping, recreational drugs, or whatever it takes to soothe those inner demons. In fact, anything but look at what might be happening underneath the surface!


Yet at the same time you are aware that something deeper is calling to you, and you sense you are being nudged from within to make some changes.

“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled. There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled. You feel it, don't you?” ~ Rumi

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what I do

The noise of the world can be very loud, and I believe I can offer you some respite from it.


I will be totally present with you and will hold a safe space for you, guiding you to rediscover your true Self, in non-judgmental, loving awareness.


I will help you to uncover, explore and release beliefs which are blocking your happiness and no longer serving you. We will work with a profound forgiveness process where the transformational work takes place in the heart and not the mind.

You may be frustrated or lonely or sad, and I get that, but I know you have the power to make the changes you desire. From my experience, the real roots of the challenges which show up in our daily lives are completely different from what we had imagined, and are almost always unconscious.


It's therefore crucial to gently coax that which is deeply hidden into awareness, so it can be examined with curiosity, and the 'stories' actively dismantled ... since when we forget, and hold our negative beliefs as the truth, we really do suffer!

But please remember one thing ... we have to do our own healing work, and nothing in our lives can change until we are willing and ready to embrace some deep inner work ... and in doing so, take full responsibility for our personal and individual experience of life.

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