what I do

I will work with you to help you find the trust to explore and release beliefs and feelings which are blocking your joy and keeping you stuck in negative patterns. I can show you how to use the breath as a gateway, and within a safe space, we will work with forgiveness - a vital aspect of being able to come to a place of internal peace.


The real roots of the challenges which show up in our daily lives are generally totally different from what we had imagined, and are almost always unconscious ... so despite our very best efforts, we slide back into the same involuntary thoughts and patterns, over and over again.


It's therefore crucial to allow that which is deeply hidden to rise into awareness, so it can be examined with curiosity, the “stories” actively dismantled and the feelings felt.

But we have to do the work! Nothing in our lives can change until we are ready to look at things differently, and take full responsibility for our own experience of life.

Are you in a place where you now want to take a leap of faith and dive deeper?

why you?

Why you? Because YOU MATTER. I'm sure you lead a busy life. It's likely that regardless of your upbringing and background, you have been conditioned since childhood to cope with pressure, accept increasing responsibility and raise your game.


But regardless of how you spend your days, you may often find that you put others' needs before your own, or fall into blame, anger or judgment. And at times it's unbearable, so you pretend, or numb out or distract yourself ... with busyness, work, social media, drinking, eating, making endless lists, sex, shopping, recreational drugs, or whatever it takes to help you cope. In fact, anything but look at what might be going on underneath the surface!

Life throws up daily challenges, and although they may at times feel totally overwhelming and all-consuming, the underlying causes of the stress or worry really can be brought to light and released.​

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and

~ Buddha

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