"Oriana, you must take a moment to allow the acknowledgement of you being a Miracle-worker to sink in fully. I had a result from our work yesterday. I wish to work with you further as it became clear where and what the blocks are." ~ LW, London

"How can I ever thank you for all you have brought to my life - for sharing your stuff, holding the space, your gentle persistent guidance, patience and wisdom. I am so lucky to have you show up for me, and am eternally eternally grateful." ~ BM

"With a full heart and from the deepest part of me, I honour you. I love your clarity of voice. You formulate perfect questions, again and again. I totally love, honour and respect your very essence. Thank you for being a wonderful guide." ~ J Dunn

"Oriana is sensitive and intuitive, and naturally adept at empowering another to be an active participant in their own healing. She has been incredibly supportive to me in my personal journey. I owe her so very much."

        ~ Peter Ross, New York

"I am so grateful to have Oriana in my life and would highly recommend her. She always seems to know intuitively how to tap into what I need at the perfect moment. Working with her over the last six years has allowed me to clear on ego thinking, and the clarity and peace I feel after a session means that she will always be a fundamental part of my growth." ~ MMG, Scotland

"I adore your courage, your determination to seek the truth, and the way you never give up on me. God expresses through your words of encouragement, and you directly apply the spiritual principles you have learned in your daily life. You live your learning. I'm so grateful to know you." 

        ~ Emma Mitchell, Herts

"Oriana is experienced and intuitive. I am constantly amazed by her clarity in seeing through the ego mind, and her ability to welcome challenges in her own life, knowing that she is always joyfully connected to Love. It is this lesson that she has embraced so fully that makes her a powerfully effective facilitator." ~ Iona L, Dunblane

"You have an ability to tune in and I love your kindness and thoughtfulness, the twinkle in your eye and the 'youness' that is you. Your voice, the words you use, and the way you use them with authority are very powerful, Oriana. That’s where spiritual healing happens." ~ SG, Sussex

What it is to be happy

"I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery

- air, mountains, trees, people.

I thought, 'this is what it is to be happy'”
~ Sylvia Plath

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