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Someone once said to me “you know, Oriana, life doesn’t have to be a struggle" . This totally blew me away since life had always been a struggle, yet that single comment launched me onto a ladder of exploration which totally changed my life.

I immersed myself in countless books and teachings, and attended more workshops than I care to mention, spending endless hours in personal process, and learning many healing practices along the way ... always seeking an escape from the relentless voice in the head.

Yet slowly it dawned on me that I had to truly forgive myself, and allow myself to fully feel the feelings which I had deemed unacceptable. Indeed, I had to welcome every aspect of the human me! I also finally understood that only I had created my own suffering, and I came to know that my value and worth are innate ... and that my essential nature (my Self) is utterly limitless, and has no 'edges'.


Indeed, integrating Spirit into my body has been an intrinsic and fundamental part my own personal journey.


For me, the inner work has been intense, and I still have times when I have to dig deep, and remind myself that I have done nothing wrong, that I am safe and loved, and that all is well ... and that I absolutely do matter.

Thankfully, I have now found great acceptance and kindness for myself, and I've also found my Yes to the sense of freedom and aliveness which has been waiting patiently for me all along.

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"I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery

- air, mountains, trees, people.

I thought, 'this is what it is to be happy'”
~ Sylvia Plath

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