about me

about me

Someone once said to me “you know, Oriana, life doesn’t have to be a struggle". This totally blew me away since life had always been a struggle, yet that single comment launched me onto a ladder of exploration which has totally changed my life.

For over 20 years I immersed myself in countless books and teachings, and attended more workshops than I care to mention. I learned many healing practices along the way, and spent endless hours in personal process, always seeking to escape from the relentless diatribe of the "voice in the head". Truly, I was the archetypal eternal seeker!

However, slowly it dawned on me that apart from forgiving myself over and over again for my mistaken beliefs and perceptions of life and others, I had to allow myself to fully feel the feelings which I had deemed unacceptable and tried to bury, and to welcome every aspect of the "human me". I also finally accepted that it was me who created my own suffering.


Healing can never happen in the mind. The heart has to open and the body has to feel. For me, the inner work has been extreme, and I still have times when I have to dig deep, and remind myself that I have done nothing wrong, that I am safe and loved, and that all is well.


I'm still a work in progress, yet an insistent, inner desire for truth ... a soul whisper, if you like ... has kept calling to me and I have now found great acceptance and love for myself. It feels really good. I've also discovered a well of freedom and joy, which was waiting for me all along to simply say "yes" to it. How crazy is that?

“I saw the angel in the marble, and carved until I set him free”

~ Michaelangelo

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