soul readings

Perhaps you would like to create new positive circumstances in your life and understand a little more about yourself?


As souls we are utterly unique, and as a certified practitioner in Soul Realignment™, I can shine a light for you ... on what your divine gifts are and how to use them; how present-life circumstances are being created through past choices and action; why unhealthy habits seem to keep repeating themselves; why abundance and rewarding relationships can, at times, appear so elusive ... and so much more.

Change can bring up fear, yet during this profound process, we will set the intention together for old karmic patterns which have been impeding you and which are ready to be released, to be cleared. This will take place through conscious action and the new choices you make.


When we talk, I can explain a little more, but suffice it to say, this work is powerful and significant, and it can be life-changing ... if your dedication is to truth and freedom, and to taking charge of your own extraordinary journey in this lifetime.


"Good morning Oriana. Can I just say you have literally blown my mind with what you told me last night. I slept so well, better than I have done in months, and woke up with a lot more clarity on my life, this time around. Thank you. I am looking forward to starting the 21 day 'homework' tonight!"

           ~ Trishy G, Buckinghamshire

"I am receiving such gorgeous learnings and healings around the past lives you told me about. It felt so good to learn about the divine qualities my Soul can express, yet equally important was to hear about the blocks to fulfulling my Soul's desires. It all made so much sense! The 21 day healing process feels supportive and your explanations were clear. I felt very held by you throughout. Thank you again. I highly, highly recommend."

          ~ Moira S

clearing karma

"When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge" ~ Tuli Kupferberg

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